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Heating and cooling terminals

Galvanized and painted metal structure, complete with insulation and aluminum alloy grids.

Fixing kit:
The kits include plugs and screws for fixing, suitable for use on compact walls or hollow bricks. For a correct installation always refer to mounting instructions supplied with the device.

The Fancoil is protected with a recyclable cardboard box. Instructions for use and maintenance provided with the product.

F38 Sandstone - F31 Corten brown - F33 Emerald sand - F04 Graphite grey - F23
Sparkling grey - F25 Quartz dust

DC Inverter Motor, Heating and cooling operation.

Electrical resistors:
Class 1

Touch screen displays:
Heating mode - Cooling mode - Auto mode - Dehumidification mode - Fan mode - Solenoid valve 1 and 2 - Timer -Night mode  - Display lock function - Air inlet temperature and set temperature

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