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My Way®, the new Cordivari system for managing domestic comfort. Wherever you are, check and manage all radiators, save up
to 30% on energy and improve the efficiency of your heating system. My Way® can be applied to all existing systems without the
need of costly interventions, quickly and easily. Through its intuitive interface, thanks to the APP that follows you everywhere and
to its ability to know and learn your habits of comfort, My Way is the best friend of your comfort living.

100% made in Italy design and technology.
The MY WAY® system combines functionality and design thanks
the interface of the control unit and the APP which are extremely
intuitive and easy to use, the result of the Cordivari research and
the best Italian technology. The thermostatic heat MY HEAD with
clean and rigorous design is the most compact on the market
with its minimum dimensions and integrates with any furniture
style and gives added value to any radiator. The ergonomics of the
thermostatic head is designed for an easy and immediate use even
without intervening on the control unit or on the APP.

My Way® can be installed on any existing system without any
electric or hydraulic operation. My Head heads are compatible with
all common types of thermostatic valves on the market. Wireless
connections with terminals and between the different components
are quick and easy to run through the touch screen control unit.
Thanks to the APP available for all Android and IOs mobile devices,
to manage the entire system is extremely simply and affordable for
everyone. Each user can easily administer the system, through the
created account, safely and intuitively wherever you are.

The great precision of the algorithm and system sensors of the My Way® guarantees
maximum comfort and energy performance of the system which makes the My Way®
system a reliable companion in ensuring effi ciency, savings and serenity. The operation
of the electronic thermostatic heads is designed to preserve the batteries, ensuring
large autonomy. The child lock function, which is equipped the My Head with, protects
from accidental changes of settings. The systems keep all user settings even after
disconnection due to electrical blackout, battery change and lack of WIFI connection
with router or software updates. With the ability to work in any position, My Head in
combination with the space saving corner valves Cordivari are the best safety solution
especially in traditional towel warmers or thinner radiators.

The control unit My Way®, with its intuitive touch screen interface,
allows you to set all functions of the system and to manage the
entire system with wireless system. The controller connects to the
WIFI router of your home to allow the management of the system
by mobile phone thanks to the APP that follows you everywhere.


The new electronic heads HY HEAD are wireless thermostatic
heads applicable on all thermostatic valves very easily. The
heads do not require electrical connection and My Head have great
autonomy; control precision and advanced electronics guarantees
comfort and savings.

The heat source controller manages activation of the heat generator or heat pump.
Through the wireless connection with MY WAY® controls the generator according to
the needs of set comfort, maximizing operating effi ciency.

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