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Established in 1972 by Ercole Cordivari, Cordivari company is one of the most important manufacturer in the Italian industry of heating and plumbing. The company is specialized in producing radiators, tanks, cylinder vessels, thermal solar systems, chimney systems, food containers and finishing of metals. Thanks to the highly qualified management, the constant research for innovation and the strongly customer-oriented company policy, Cordivari has a continuous commitment to achieving Customer Satisfaction.
Cordivari has succeeded in listening to market evolutions, embracing the philosophy of total quality from the selection of raw materials used up to processing and finishing. In order to offer high quality products. In this way the Corporate Social Responsibility represents a value which renews itself continuously, by pursuing rising new models to meet customer requirements.
With continuous progress and constant growth, Cordivari has established its brand and the quality of its products. The domestic market covers 65% of the turnover and exports have achieved an important level of 35%. Thanks to high quality products, commercial reliability and prompt service, Cordivari today exports all over the world.

Company Mission


Our mission is to improve the quality and comfort of living spaces by designing and manufacturing, desing radiators, calorifiers, tanks, food containers, chimney flue system, thermal solar systems and metal finishing, in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations and giving full satisfaction to our clients, partners and employees, working in safety, quality and in respect of the environment. To achieve our corporate mission means respecting the surrounding world, leaving it to posterity better than we found it. Our company will exist as long as we have the desire to improve. All our work is oriented to constantly improve our clients satisfaction and increase value of the customer, whereas as client we do not only mean the final consumer, but every stakeholder (institutions, citizens, public administration, institutions, employees etc.).
The general direction also assumes responsibility of periodic examination of the mission and targets to ascertain the continuing suitability.
The company CORDIVARI Ltd commits to devote adequate resources in order to ensure that the following goals are achieved:

- to improve customer service, reducing the delivery time of the products and the number of claims;
- to improve the productivity and efficiency of the processes;
- to expand the offer of innovative products with higher added value;
- to monitor the energy consumption and to identify in detail the most energy-consuming processes, so to enable improvement plans with the goal of reducing consumptions
- To reduce waste, the used resources and emissions into the atmosphere
- to streamline the management and the access of company documentation within the organization
- to work by objectives
- Systematically analyzing the company risks and taking action to reduce and / or mitigate them
- to implement the safety management system according to the ISO 45001 standard, certifying it by 2020;
- to raise awareness through training, involvement and consultation in the " culture of safety ".

Cav. Ercole Cordivari

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