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PHC Heat exchangers are used in domestic and industrial installations. In particular they’re suitable for production of D.H.W., as well as for heating of swimming pools, using different energy sources (traditional boiler, solid fuel, solar thermal systems). For domestic application, the PHC are suitable for district heating installations.

• Frame (not in contact with fluids) in painted mild steel
• Guide for Heat exchanger plates, bolts and screw nuts (not in contact with fluids) in galvanized mild steel
• Nipples and plates (in contact with fluid) in Stainless steel 316L
• EPDM Gaskets.

PHC exchangers are inspectionable plate to plate type.
Their shape ensures the possibility of opening the exchanger for cleaning.
The modular design allows you to change the configuration of the exchanger even after a period of use (within certain limits).
PHC exchangers are designed for the use stated on Art.
3.3 of PED 97/23/CE. In particular, they are intended to be used with non-dangerous liquids with steam pressure at maximum operating temperature not exceeding 0.5 bar above normal atmospheric pressure.
Every Exchanger has serial number, label and end-user manual.

Material used for PHC Exchangers are suitable for following liquids:
• Water • Swimming pool water • Milk • Whisky • Acetone • Glycole • Glycoled Water • Mineral Water • Wine • Wine Vinegar • Etanol • Etilenic Glycole• Demineralized Water • Acetic Acid • Beer • Liquors • Methanol • Propylenic Glycol

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